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"Bookmatched" is the term used to explain how slabs of marble and granite are cut and polished in manufacturing and is often specified for feature walls and floors or worktops to make a dramatic statement.

The bookmatch process

When slabs are bookmatched it means that instead of polishing the same face of each slab as they are sliced from the block, the slabs are alternated and polished on opposite sides. When placed side by side, they are a near mirror images of each other and veining can be matched up to create one unbroken pattern. In essence they open up just like a book. Thus the name…

Pick any marble

All of Ashfield’s stones can be bookmatched, but the process is obviously more expensive than standard tiles due to the selection, wastage and time in production. This means that typically stones with strong veins and lines that create very geometric patterns are what specifiers choose to give maximum impact.
Stones such as Bianca Venato or Statuario are just 2 examples of stones which look stunning when bookmatched.

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