Ashfield Stone - About us

A family business with three generations of experience in natural stone, creating luxury places.

A family business

Ashfield Stone, a brand name of Ashfield Group, began as specialist paving contractors in London during the 1950s before relocating and extending our focus to supplying other firms who worked with stone. We now have an extensive range of indigenous UK stones which is complimented by a huge network of quarries throughout Europe and worldwide from which we regularly source our limestone, granite, marble, porphyry and many other types of stone.

Our comprehensive collection of natural stones is used for domestic and commercial hard landscaping, walling, cladding, street furniture, architectural masonry and internal floors and walls. Clients also have the option to have their stone fitted by our own highly skilled teams of stone fixers/masons which means they can leave the responsibility of the stone packages on their projects to the specialists, entirely confident in the finished results.

Specialist Stone Sourcing

From the one of the largest ranges of natural stone sourced in the UK, to specialist stone from across the globe, we can definitely help you to find the right stone for your project.

With suppliers throughout the developing world, we stand by the international code of practice which means our suppliers do not use child labour and treat their employees fairly and humanely, guaranteeing a living wage and safe working conditions.


Our Mission

To achieve unparalleled customer satisfaction by giving efficient, effective service on time - every time.

To provide excellent quality and innovation, sharing with our clients our high levels of market intelligence and expertise in all our product offerings.

To establish a culture of continuous improvement through committal and loyalty to our staff, clients, supply chain and service providers.

To uphold our ethical and environmental responsibilities in all that we do.

Brochure Requests

We supply free brochures, covering both interior and exterior ranges

Ethical and Environmental

With suppliers throughout the developing world, including China and India, we are very aware of our ethical and environmental responsibilities.

Our agents help us make sure that our suppliers meet our exacting standards of quality and ethics. All our stone is ethically quarried, and it is important to us that our natural stone suppliers are fully compliant with our code of practice, which is in line with internationally recognised standards.